Curriculum Vitae of Balázs Csikós

Personal data

Date and place of birth: December 25, 1959, Budapest
Marital status: married, 2 children
Nationality: Hungarian

Education & Degrees

2007 Habilitation at Eötvös Loránd University
Thesis: The Kneser-Poulsen Conjecture (in Hungarian).
1988 Candidate of Mathematical Sciences (slightly higher than PhD)
Thesis: Frobenius Lie Algebras and their Representations (Moscow 1988),
supervisor: Prof. A.A. Kirillov.
1984 -1987 Postgraduate studies at Moscow State University
Research topic: Orbit method in the representation theory of Lie groups and Lie algebras, symplectic geometry, supervisor: Prof. A. A. Kirillov.
Scholarship from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
1984 Mathematician and specialized English translator diploma (equivalent to MSc degree)
Thesis: Exotic spheres (Budapest 1984), supervisor: Prof. A. Szűcs.
1979 - 1984 Studies in Mathematics at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest
1980-1984 Specialized English Translator supplementary studies.
Graduate level specialization: differential topology and combinatorics, advisors: Prof. A. Szűcs and Prof. M. Simonovits.

Honors & Prizes
1982-1984 Scholarship of the People's Republic of Hungary (for outstanding school achievements)
1983 2nd prize in the IX. International Student Competition in Mathematics (Beograd)
1983 1st prize for the results presented in the National Scientific Conference of Students
1983 2nd prize in Schweitzer Memorial Competition
1982 3rd prize in Schweitzer Memorial Competition
1981 2nd prize in Schweitzer Memorial Competition
1980, 1983 1st prize in Riesz Memorial Competion
1974 - 1978 Fazekas Mihály Secondary School, Budapest (with mathematics II specialization)

Prizes won in mathematical competitions
1978 1st prize in the National Competition for Secondary Schools
1977 10th prize in the National Competition for Secondary Schools
1976 2nd prize in Arany Dániel Competition
1975 3nd prize in Arany Dániel Competition
1975 - 1978 1st prize (four times) in the problem solving competition of the Mathematical Journal for Secondary Schools (KÖMAL)

Positions & Teaching experience

1988 - Dept. of Geometry, Inst. of Mathematics, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest
2008 - Head of the Department of Geometry
2006 - Deputy Director of the Institute of Mathematics
2004 - 2006 Acting Head of the Department of Geometry
1994 - Associate Professor
1990 - 1994 Assistant Professor
1988 - 1990 Teaching Assistant

Teaching duties:
Courses and Practices for PhD, graduate and undergraduate students:
For PhD students Lie groups, Algebraic curves
For mathematics majors Geometry, Algebraic topology, Differential geometry, Lie groups, Theory of bundles, Clifford algebras, Mathematical methods of mechanics
For applied mathematics majors Differential Geometry, AutoCad practice
For mathematics education majors Geometry, Descriptive geometry, Projective geometry, Remarkable theorems in geometry
For cartography majors Mathematics

Instruction of PhD students and graduate students' MSc Thesis in math and math education.
1989 - Budapest Semesters in Mathematics, lecturer
Teaching duties: Topics in geometry, Differential geometry, Algebraic topology, Differential topology and Algebraic geometry courses and reading courses for undergraduate students from the US.
2004 - Dept. of Mathematics and its Applications, Central European University, Budapest, adjunct faculty member.
Teaching duties: Coordination of PhD level courses on Geometry, Differential Geometry and Lie Goups and Lie Algebras, instruction of PhD students in the field of differential geometry.
2004 - Center of Computational & Discrete Geometry, University of Calgary,
exterior member.
1992 Fall State University of Ghent, (Belgium), guest lecturer.
Teaching duties: Graduate level one semester courses on Differential geometry and Algebraic Topology.

Professional Activities

Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Conference on Differential Geometry and Physics, Budapest, August 29-Sept 2, 2005.
Member of the Organizing Committee of the Calgary Workshop in Discrete Geometry, a conference in honor of Károly Bezdek on his 50th year, May 13-14, 2005, University of Calgary.
Member of the Mathematics Program Committee at Eötvös University.
Member of the Applied Mathematics Program Committee at Eötvös University.
Coordinator of the courses of the Differential Geometry track for math majors at Eötvös University.
Refereeing papers submitted to Hungarian mathematical journals.
Participation in several scientific qualifying committees.


Széchenyi Professorial Scholarship (2000-2003), granted by the Hungarian Ministry of Education.
Bolyai János Scholarship (1999), granted by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
Bolyai Farkas Scholarship (1999), granted by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.


OTKA (National Research and Science Foundation)
2004-2007 OTKA T047102 Research in Differential geometry, project leader.
2002-2005 OTKA T037752 Discrete geometry, team member.
2000-2003 OTKA T032478 Differential geometry and its applications, project leader.
1997-2000 OTKA T025337 Real and hypercomplex representations of kinematical systems, team member.
1995-1998 OTKA T017314 Geometry and its applications, team member.
1991-1994 OTKA 2505 Geometry, team member.
FKFP (Grant for Research Development in Higher Education)
FKFP0152/1997 Geometry, team member.

Research areas

Differential geometry and its applications. Riemannian geometry. Volume variation formulae and the Kneser-Poulsen conjecture. Lie groups, Lie algebras, and their representation. Symplectic geometry and the orbit method.
Discrete geometry.


Bolyai János Mathematical Society.


Fluent reading, writing and speaking in English and Russian.

Last update: February 17, 2006