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Schedule of this term. (In Hungarian)

A new article about Lovász.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

International Mathematics Olympiad

JAVA description (In Hungarian)

JAVA championship in Hungary. (In Hungarian)

National Strategy for Informatics (In Hungarian)

A dispute and an article worth to be read. (In Hungarian)

Mondok egy... part of the University Newspaper Nyúz. (In Hungarian)

Problems in Schweitzer Miklós Mathematical Competition 1996 (in plain TeX or in dvi format.) (In Hungarian)

On the occasion of lecture series on semidefinite programming (11-15 December) by László Lovász:

The notes of the lectures in TeX, DVI, or Postscript format.

Semidefinite Programming by L. Vandenberghe and S. Boyd (Postscript)