The International Mathematics Competition for University Students was held in Blagoevgrad (Bulgaria). The ELTE team (Endre Csóka, Márton Hablicsek, Demeter Kiss, Péter Pál Pach, Roland Paulin, Béla András Rácz, Balázs Strenner) won the first prize among 60 participating teams. In the individual contest of the 249 participants Roland Paulin got the 3-d, Béla András the 5-th, Balázs Strenner the 7-th, Endre Csóka the 11-th best result. They and Demeter Kiss and Péter Pál Pach received First Prize, Márton Hablicsek Second Prize. The team was led by Tamás Keleti. (09/07/07)