Information for applicants: MSc program in mathematics at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary

Deadline for application

How to start the application? (For individual applicants only!)

Entrance exam

For the program there is an entrance exam, usually in the second half of May and/or first half of June (for September beginning). It is a six hours test which the applicants should write in their home country. Both the test and the solutions are sent via E-mail. The applicants should solve problems from various fields of mathematics. For the precise terms and conditions see the cover pages of the earlier exams: While preparing for the exam, you may find helpful the table contaning the description of BSc courses in pure and applied mathematics: If you click on the number of contact hours for a certain course, you will get detailed syllabus of the course. The entrance exams will be mostly based on the material covered by these subjects.

Decision procedure


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