Differential Geomety module

Riemannian Geometry  I - II.

Lie Groups and Lie Algebras

Bundles and Connections

Transformation Groups and Symmetric Spaces

Differential Forms

General Structures in Differential Geometry

Geometry and Physics



Discrete and Convex Geometry  module

Analytic Convexity

Finite Geometries

Combinatorial Convexity

Combinatorial Geometry

Discrete Geometry 1

Mathematical Programming and Convex Geometry

Discrete Geometry 2

Geometry of Numbers



Discrete mathematics module

Graph Theory


Extremal Combinatorics

Symmetric Combinatorial Structures

Random Structures



Computer Science module

Combinatorial Algorithms I

Computer Science

Complexity Seminar

Languages and Automata

Data Structures

Algorithms in Geometry



Set theory module

Set Theory I-IV



Number theory module

Additive Number Theory

Analytic Number Theory

Combinatorial Number Theory

Exponential Sums In  Number Theory

Computational Number Theory



Algebra module

Algebraic Geometry

Commutative Algebra

Homological Algebra

Lie Algebras

Non Commutative Rings

Representation theory of algebras  I - II



Group theory module

Representation Theory of Groups

Permutation Groups

Elementary Group Theory and p-groups

Simple Groups



Universal Algebra module

Universal Algebra  I - II

Lattice Theory

Algebraic Logic and Relativity



Ordinary differential equations module

Qualitative Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations  I - II

Infinite Dimensional Dynamical Systems  I - II



Partial differential equations module

Linear Partial Differential Equations  I - II

Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations  I - II



Mathematical physics module

Foundations of Modelling

Spacetime Structures

Banach Algebras

Harmonic Analysis



Functional analysis module

Banach Algebras


Geometric Functional Analysis

Harmonic Analysis  I - II

Nonlinear Functional Analysis

Operator Extensions

Topological Vector Spaces  I - II

Unbounded Operators



Algebraic topololgy module

Algebraic Topology 3

Algebraic Topology 4

Algebraic Topology 5

Algebraic Topology 6



Complex functions module

Geometric Function Theory

Classes of Functions

Riemann Surfaces

Special Functions

Several Complex Variables

Approximation Theory



Differential topology module

Differential Topology 1

Differential Topology 2

Differential Topology 3

Differential Topology 4



Real functions module

Real Functions 1

Real Functions 2

Real Functions 3

Real Functions 4



Introduction to operational research module

Linear programming I

Nonlinear programming I

Integer Programming I

Combinatorial Algorithms I

Game theory

Stochastic optimization

Operations research software

Decision Analysis



Combinatorial optimization module

Combinatorial Algorithms  I - II

Graph Theory

Combinatorial Optimization Structures

Matroid Theory

Polyhedral Combinatorics



Continuous optimization module

Linear Programming

Convex Analysis and Optimization

Linear Programming Program Packages

Duality Theory

Interior Point Methods of Linear Programming

Numerical Methods of Nonlinear Programming

Selected Topics of Continuous Optimization



Discrete optimization module


Approximation Algorithms

Integer Programming  I - II



Stochastic modeling module



Probability theory module

Theory of Martingales

Limit Theorems for Independent Variables

Eigenvalue Distribution of Random Matrices

Queueing Systems



Mathematical statistics module

Foundations of Statistics  I - II

Analysis of Survival Data

Multivariate Statistics  I - II



Information theory module

Introduction to Information Theory

Data Compressing


Information Theoretical Methods in Statistics



Stochastic processes module

Markov Chains

Processes with Independent Increments, Stationary and Markov Processes

Optimal Stopping

Parameter Estimation for Stationary Processes



Stochastic analysis module

Stochastic Analysis

Stochastic Dynamical Systems

Filtration of Stochastic Processes



Numerical and computer  methods of statistics module

Numerical Methods of Statistics

Computer Methods of Multivariate Statistics

Computer Methods of Time Series Analysis



System theory module

Theory of Linear Deterministic Systems

Theory of General Deterministic Systems

Theory of Stochastic Systems

Parameter Estimation in Stochastic Systems



Insurance mathematics module

Life Contingencies

Premium Calculation

Risk Processes