Semigroups for Delay Equations

András Bátkai and Susanna Piazzera

A. K. Peters: Wellesley MA, 2005,

Research Notes in Mathematics vol. 10, 

ISBN: 1-56881-243-4.

The book presents in a systematic way how delay equations can be studied in Lp-history spaces. Using recent operator semigroup methods the existence of solutions and the asymptotic behavior is analyzed in detail. Main emphasis is laid on uniform exponential stability and hyperbolicity of the solution semigroup, but other properties such as positivity, almost periodicity or non-uniform exponential stability are also considered. The efficiency of the theoretical results is demonstrated on various examples.

To make the book self-contained, the needed operator semigroup theoretic results are collected in the first two chapters. Then the well-posedness of the delay equations is showed using perturbation theoretic arguments.

The asymptotic behavior of the solutions is first analyzed for regular equations using spectral mapping theorems and characteristic equations. This is extended to the non-regular case using resolvent growth estimates and perturbation arguments. As an important application, the problem of small delays is also considered.

Finally, the theory is extended to wave equations with delay and to parabolic equations with delays in the highest order derivatives.

Some less well-known results on vector valued integration and Sobolev spaces are presented in the appendix.

 An extensive bibliography and a detailed index may help to use the book as a reference tool.


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