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V. Grolmusz. Harmonic analysis, real approximation, and the communication complexity of boolean functions. In Computing and Combinatorics, Proc. 2nd Ann. Int. Conf.\ COCOON'96. LNCS 1090, pages 142-151, June 1996. To appear in Algorithmica.

V. Grolmusz. On the power of circuits with gates of low ltex2html_wrap_inline53 norms. Theoretical Computer Science A, (188):117-128, 1997. Also appeared as ECCC Report TR95-046; ftp://ftp.eccc.uni-

L. Lovász and M. Saks. Lattices, Möbius functions, and communication complexity. In Proc. 29th Ann. IEEE Symp. Found. Comput. Sci., pages 81-90, 1988.

Vince Grolmusz
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