Vince Grolmusz         


Department of Computer Science
Institute of Mathematics
Eötvös University
Pázmány Péter sétány 1/C, Room 3-614
H-1117 Budapest
Fax: +36-1-381-2231

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Research interest:

       Public web servers of the Protein Information Technology Group at Eötvös University:

NASCENT This server is capable to predict the protein-protein interaction network of a non-model organism (i.e., with few interaction data) based on well-researched model organisms (that have a large amount of interaction data). The output is genarated in a number of formats, and a self-standing Java version is also available for download.

DECOMP: This tool corrects the entries of the Protein Data Bank, based on a graph-theoretic approach. Additionally, the tool decomposes the PDB entries into ligands and binding sites, therefore one may create a comprehensive collection of all publicly available binding sites on protein surfaces.

ProtDict: This server returns cross-references for numerous protein naming systems, quickly and reliably.

WikiPDB: This is a social site for improving the entries of the Protein Data Bank. People may suggest improvements for erroneous structures, and even upload their own PDB checker programs and scripts.

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  Published Patents:

20080194415 Method for structuring and cleaning steric macromolecular data

US Patent 7,606,847 
Dense and randomized storage and coding of information

20050047516 A method for dense and secure transmission of signals and information using a small number of channels


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