Short CV


2006--: Professor at the Department of Computer Science, Eotvos University..

2005: D.Sc. degree from mathematics from  the Hungarian Academy of Science.

1994--:2006 Associate professor at the Department of ComputerScience, Eotvos University..

2000: Habilitation at Eotvos.

Jan. 1999-June 1999: Visiting associate professor at the Department of Computer Science, University of Chicago.  

Nov. 1991--Dec. 1993: Postdoctoral visitor at the Max Planck Institute for Computer Science in Saarbrucken, Germany

Sept. 1990-- Oct. 1991: Assistant professor at the Department of Computer Science, Eotvos University.  

1988--1990: Researcher at the Mathematical Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Science;

Ph.D. Thesis defended: July, 1990,  title: ``On the Complexity of Parallel Algorithms''. Ph.D. earned in mathematics, at the Hungarian Academy of Science and at the Eotvos University.  

1985--1988: Doctoral Fellow at the Eotvos University; advisor: Prof. Miklos Simonovits.

1986--1987: Visiting Department of Computer Science at the University of Chicago (one year).

1980--1985: Mathematics major at the Eotvos University.

1983--1985 Special Student of Professors Laszlo Lovasz and Miklos Simonovits in combinatorics, algorithm theory and classical (complex) analysis.  

 Born in Budapest, 1961.

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