Research interest:

discrete mathematics, number theory

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Recent preprints

Transversals of additive latin squares (with S. Dasgupta, O. Serra, and B. Szegedy) (10 pages) ps , pdf

The Erdős-Heilbronn problem in abelian groups (12 pages) ps , pdf

A compactness argument in the additive theory and the polynomial method (24 pages) ps , pdf

On restricted set addition in abelian groups (8 pages) ps , pdf

A note on the Hopf-Stiefel function (3 pages) ps , pdf

Erdős-Szekeres theorem with forbidden order types (with J. Solymosi) (12 pages) ps , pdf

Constructions from empty polygons (with T. Bisztriczky, K. Hosono, and M. Urabe) (9 pages) ps

An inverse theorem for the restricted set addition in abelian groups (40 pages) ps , pdf

Empty convex polygons in almost convex sets (with G. Lippner and P. Valtr) (6 pages) ps pdf

Cauchy-Davenport theorem in group extensions (16 pages) ps , pdf

On geometric graph Ramsey numbers (with V. Rosta) (16 pages) ps , pdf (The original publication is available at

The cyclomatic number of connected graphs without solvable orbits (with A. Pál) (31 pages) ps , pdf

Periodic decomposition of integer valued functions (with T. Keleti, G. Kós, and I.Z. Ruzsa) (15 pages) ps , pdf

Restricted set addition: The exceptional case of the Erdős-Heilbronn conjecture (9 pages) ps , pdf

Balanced subset sums in dense sets of integers (13 pages) ps , pdf

Incidence geometry in combinatorial arithmetic. In memoriam György Elekes (7 pages) ps , pdf

Remarks to Arsovski's proof of Snevily's conjecture (with G. Harcos and G. Kós) (5 pages) ps , pdf

Erdős-Szekeres theorem for point sets with forbidden subconfigurations (with G. Tóth) (15 pages) ps , pdf

A simple proof of the Zeilberger-Bressoud q-Dyson theorem (with Z.L. Nagy) (4 pages) ps , pdf

Algebraic and Combinatorial Methods in the Theory of Set Addition (105 pages) ps , pdf

Dissertation for the D.Sc. degree of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Theses of the Dissertation (16 pages) ps , pdf

A Course in Graph Theory given at the ETH Zurich

Wintersemester 2001/02

Lectures on Extremal Set Systems and Two-Colourings of Hypergraphs ps , pdf

A series of lectures I gave in 1992 and 1993 at the University of Naples and at the University of East Anglia, Norwich within the framework of a TEMPUS project.

Decomposition of convex polytopes into simplices ps , pdf

A joint paper with L. Lovász (1991) that we decided not to publish since were informed that similar results had been obtained and published before by A. Varchenko, J. Lawrence and P. Filliman.

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