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Not actively under construction. While I collect the will to put something useful here, please do try a small bridge-building game or a variaton of box puzzles and mail me with any feedback, comments, suggestions, bugs, whatever you want. A known problem is that they currently only work under IE, I have fixed the bridge-building game to function on FireFox, will do the same with the other one sometime.

Minden esetre: pont-összekötő,egy egyszerű JavaScript játék (ez meg egy másik: szókirakó), légy szíves, próbáld ki és írd meg nekem a véleményedet róla.

JScript test, not working.

Construction Area

Actually, I'll try to do something with this mess. Planned sections:

Allen Hatcher's page. Okay, how can I not start by this one? The guy's written darn good books about algebraic topology and he put them up for everybody to use for free! I say, that deserves at least a visit to his homepage (and chances are, you will be staying there for quite a while).

2014/2015 tavaszi félév algebrai és differenciáltopológia beadhatók
2014/2015 őszi félév differenciáltopológia beadhatók

Self-promotion is allegedly an important pastime. So eventually a list of my papers should be linked here as well. If you're still reading and are actually interested, here's a short summary:

If you want a copy of either of those papers which don't have a link attached to them, or just want to talk about maths (any maths, not only analysis) please e-mail me.

Back to the drawing board

Project Euler. Not really maths, more compsci, but as long as I don't drag up something fun, it'll do. Maybe I will be able to get my hands on anatomical images with the parabolic curves drawn, like in the Hilbert-Cohn Vossen book, those would be fun, right?

Back to the drawing board

I speak Pascal, C/C++, and to some extent, JavaScript and Python. I can also use Excel to avoid using real languages when I'm lazy and the task at hand is suitable.

Travel Cost Calculator for Pardus:

DISCONTINUED xls version: Cost calculator (xls)

Per-cluster, multipoint travel cost calculator
[expansion .js]
[base .js]
Per-cluster travel cost calculator
[alternative .js]
Global travel cost calculator (kinda slow)
[original .js]

Update: I've worked on this some more, the current state of affairs is here. Press "Load map data" first, and "Process map data" after the appropriate textbox gets populated. Aliases are not maintained, but that's something for active players anyway; feel free to roll your own list and use that.

My proof-of-concept entry for 4E6.

Sandbox for internal use

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Which Fantasy/SciFi Character
Are You?