A celebration day of the 50th anniversary
of the Hungarian Method

Harold W. Kuhn published his seminal paper The Hungarian method for the assignment problem in 1955. To commemorate this anniversary, the Egerváry Research Group (EGRES) of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences organized a celebration day in Budapest. The gathering was held in the building of the Academy (H-1051 Budapest, Roosevelt tér 9, felolvasó terem) on October 31, 2005.

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The program was as follows.  

9.30 opening

Harold W. Kuhn

Reflections on a favorite child

Alexander Schrijver

Open problems in polyhedral combinatorics

William R. Pulleyblank

Alternating paths and US patent #5,905,666
11.30 coffee break

Jack Edmonds

Egerváry-type theorems and polymatroid intersection

Éva Tardos

Hungarian Method in approximation algorithms and games
13.00 lunch break

Martin Grötschel

Vehicle circulation and the Hungarian Method

András Sebő

Ways to matching generalizations

Bernhard Korte

Multi-commodity- and min-cost-flow-approaches in VLSI-design
16.30 coffee break

Gyula Pap

A new approach to alternating paths

László Lovász

Matchings and their structure
18.30 reception

Supported by:

Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Section of Mathematics

Inter-University Centre for Telecommunications and Informatics (ETIK)

Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Committee on Operational Research

Hungarian Operational Research Society

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