The Egerváry Research Group on Combinatorial Optimization publishes a series of online Technical Reports (ISSN 1587-4451). The reports can be downloaded in pdf format, while abstracts are also available in HTML. Style files can be found here. If you have trouble downloading a report, write an email to: Tamás Király!


TR-2020-20    Joint replenishment meets scheduling (PDF)
József Békési, Péter Györgyi, Tamás Kis
TR-2020-19    A 3/2-Approximation for the Metric Many-visits Path TSP (PDF)
Kristóf Bérczi, Matthias Mnich, Roland Vincze
TR-2020-18    Envy-free Relaxations for Goods, Chores, and Mixed Items (PDF)
Kristóf Bérczi, Erika Bérczi-Kovács, Endre Boros, Fekadu Tolessa Gedefa, Naoyuki Kamiyama, Telikepalli Kavitha, Yusuke Kobayashi, Kazuhisa Makino
TR-2020-17    Vertex Splitting, Coincident Realisations and Global Rigidity of Braced Triangulations (PDF)
Bill Jackson, James Cruickshank
TR-2020-16    Fair Integral Flows (PDF)
András Frank, Kazuo Murota
TR-2020-15    Simple algorithm and min-max formula for the inverse arborescence problem (PDF)
András Frank, Gergely Hajdu
TR-2020-14    Global rigidity of (quasi)-injective frameworks on the line (PDF)
Dániel Garamvölgyi
TR-2020-13    On the global rigidity of tensegrity graphs (PDF)
Dániel Garamvölgyi
TR-2020-12    Decreasing Minimization on M-convex Sets: Algorithms and Applications (PDF)
András Frank, Kazuo Murota
TR-2020-11    Decreasing Minimization on M-convex Sets (PDF)
András Frank, Kazuo Murota
TR-2020-10    List coloring of two matroids through reduction to partition matroids (PDF)
Kristóf Bérczi, Tamás Schwarcz, Yutaro Yamaguchi
TR-2020-09    A Discrete Convex Min-Max Formula for Box-TDI Polyhedra (PDF)
András Frank, Kazuo Murota
TR-2020-08    Rigidity of Random Subgraphs and Eigenvalues of Stiffness Matrices (PDF)
Tibor Jordán, Shin-ichi Tanigawa
TR-2020-07    Globally rigid augmentation of minimally rigid graphs in R^2 (PDF)
Csaba Király, András Mihálykó
TR-2020-06    Sparse graphs and an augmentation problem (PDF)
Csaba Király, András Mihálykó
TR-2020-05    The devil's staircase for chip-firing on random graphs and on graphons (PDF)
Viktor Kiss, Lionel Levine, Lilla Tóthmérész
TR-2020-04    The sandpile group of a trinity and a canonical definition for the planar Bernardi action (PDF)
Tamás Kálmán, Seunghun Lee, Lilla Tóthmérész
TR-2020-02    Vertex Splitting, Coincident Realisations and Global Rigidity of Braced Triangulations (A revised version is available as TR-2020-17) (PDF)
Bill Jackson
TR-2020-01    A note on generic rigidity of graphs in higher dimension (PDF)
Tibor Jordán


TR-2019-17    A novel approach to graph isomorphism (PDF)
Alpár Jüttner, Péter Madarasi
TR-2019-16    On the vertex splitting operation in globally rigid body-hinge graphs (PDF)
Tibor Jordán, Csaba Király, Shin-ichi Tanigawa
TR-2019-15    Popular Branchings and Their Dual Certificates (PDF)
Telikepalli Kavitha, Tamás Király, Jannik Matuschke, Ildikó Schlotter, Ulrike Schmidt-Kraepelin
TR-2019-14    Sparse graphs and an augmentation problem (A revised version is available as TR-2020-06) (PDF)
Csaba Király, András Mihálykó
TR-2019-13    Rigid realizations of graphs with few locations in the plane (PDF)
Csaba Király
TR-2019-12    Complexity of the NTU International Matching Game (PDF)
Tamás Király, Zsuzsa Mészáros-Karkus
TR-2019-11    Online 2-dimensional rectangular bin packing (PDF)
Tamás Király, Lilla Lomoschitz
TR-2019-10    Compressed frameworks and compressible graphs (PDF)
Tibor Jordán, Jialin Zhang
TR-2019-09    Discrete Decreasing Minimization, Part III: Network Flows (PDF)
András Frank, Kazuo Murota
TR-2019-08    Discrete Decreasing Minimization, Part II: Views from Discrete Convex Analysis (PDF)
András Frank, Kazuo Murota
TR-2019-07    Discrete Decreasing Minimization, Part I: Base-polyhedra with Applications in Network Optimization (PDF)
András Frank, Kazuo Murota
TR-2019-06    Graph reconstruction from unlabeled edge lengths (PDF)
Dániel Garamvölgyi, Tibor Jordán
TR-2019-05    New complexity and approximability results for minimizing the total weighted completion time on a single machine subject to non-renewable resource constraints (PDF)
Péter Györgyi, Tamás Kis
TR-2019-04    Improving the Integrality Gap for Multiway Cut (PDF)
Kristóf Bérczi, Karthekeyan Chandrasekaran, Tamás Király, Vivek Madan
TR-2019-03    Complexity of packing common bases in matroids (PDF)
Kristóf Bérczi, Tamás Schwarcz
TR-2019-02    Equitable Partitions into Matchings and Coverings in Mixed Graphs (PDF)
Tamás Király, Yu Yokoi
TR-2019-01    Minimum Cost Globally Rigid Subgraphs (PDF)
Tibor Jordán, András Mihálykó


TR-2018-17    Global Rigidity of Unit Ball Graphs (PDF)
Dániel Garamvölgyi, Tibor Jordán
TR-2018-16    Hypergraph polynomials and the Bernardi process (PDF)
Tamás Kálmán, Lilla Tóthmérész
TR-2018-15    Synchronized Traveling Salesman Problem (PDF)
Gyula Pap, József Varnyú
TR-2018-14    Discrete Decreasing Minimization, Part II: Views from Discrete Convex Analysis (A revised version is available as TR-2019-08) (PDF)
András Frank, Kazuo Murota
TR-2018-13    Discrete Decreasing Minimization, Part I, Base-polyhedra with Applications in Network Optimization (A revised version is available as TR-2019-07) (PDF)
András Frank, Kazuo Murota
TR-2018-12    Minimal representation of elementary Horn functions (PDF)
Kristóf Bérczi, Endre Boros, Ondrej Cepek, Petr Kucera, Kazuhisa Makino
TR-2018-11    The Manickam-Miklós-Singhi Parameter of Graphs and Degree Sequences (PDF)
Zoltán Király, Neeraja Kulkarni, Ian McMeeking, Joshua Mundinger
TR-2018-10    Effective divisor classes on metric graphs (PDF)
Andreas Gross, Farbod Shokrieh, Lilla Tóthmérész
TR-2018-09    A Primal-Dual Approach for Large Scale Integer Problems (PDF)
Alpár Jüttner, Péter Madarasi
TR-2018-08    Packing of arborescences with matroid constraints via matroid intersection (PDF)
Csaba Király, Zoltán Szigeti, Shin-ichi Tanigawa
TR-2018-07    Acyclic orientations with degree constraints (PDF)
Zoltán Király, Dömötör Pálvölgyi
TR-2018-06    Minimizing total weighted completion time on a single machine subject to non-renewable resource constraints (PDF)
Péter Györgyi, Tamás Kis
TR-2018-05    An Edmonds-Gallai-Type Decomposition for the $j$-Restricted $k$-Matching Problem (PDF)
Yanjun Li, Jácint Szabó
TR-2018-04    Sufficient connectivity conditions for rigidity of symmetric frameworks (PDF)
Viktória Kaszanitzky, Bernd Schulze
TR-2018-03    VF2++ - An Improved Subgraph Isomorphism Algorithm (PDF)
Alpár Jüttner, Péter Madarasi
TR-2018-02    The complexity of cake cutting with unequal shares (PDF)
Ágnes Cseh, Tamás Fleiner
TR-2018-01    Sufficient conditions for the global rigidity of periodic graphs (PDF)
Viktória Kaszanitzky, Csaba Király, Bernd Schulze


TR-2017-10    A tight $\sqrt{2}$-approximation for Linear 3-Cut (PDF)
Kristóf Bérczi, Karthekeyan Chandrasekaran, Tamás Király, Vivek Madan
TR-2017-09    Beating the 2-approximation factor for Global Bicut (PDF)
Kristóf Bérczi, Karthekeyan Chandrasekaran, Tamás Király, Euiwoong Lee, Chao Xu
TR-2017-08    Vertex-flames of countable digraphs preserving an Aharoni-Berger cut for each vertex (PDF)
Attila Joó
TR-2017-07    Blocking optimal structures (PDF)
Kristóf Bérczi, Attila Bernáth, Tamás Király, Gyula Pap
TR-2017-06    Global Rigidity of Triangulations with Braces (PDF)
Tibor Jordán, Shin-ichi Tanigawa
TR-2017-05    On minimally 2-T-connected digraphs (PDF)
Olivier Durand de Gevigney, Zoltán Szigeti
TR-2017-04    Finding strongly popular b-matchings in bipartite graphs (PDF)
Tamás Király, Zsuzsa Mészáros-Karkus
TR-2017-03    Independent and maximal branching packing in infinite matroid-rooted digraphs (PDF)
Attila Joó
TR-2017-02    Possible and necessary allocations under serial dictatorship with incomplete preference lists (PDF)
Katarína Cechlárová, Tamás Fleiner, Ildikó Schlotter
TR-2017-01    The chip-firing halting problem for multigraphs and convex cost flows (PDF)
Bálint Hujter


TR-2016-21    Global Rigidity of Periodic Graphs under Fixed-lattice Representations (PDF)
Viktória Kaszanitzky, Bernd Schulze, Shin-ichi Tanigawa
TR-2016-20    The complexity of the Clar number problem and an FPT algorithm (PDF)
Erika Bérczi-Kovács, Attila Bernáth
TR-2016-19    Reachability-based matroid-restricted packing of arborescences (PDF)
Csaba Király, Zoltán Szigeti
TR-2016-18    On packing spanning arborescences with matroid constraint (PDF)
Quentin Fortier, Csaba Király, Zoltán Szigeti, Shin-ichi Tanigawa
TR-2016-17    Countable Menger theorem with finitary matroid constraints on the ingoing edges (PDF)
Attila Joó
TR-2016-16    Finding strongly popular matchings in certain bipartite preference systems (PDF)
Tamás Király, Zsuzsa Mészáros-Karkus
TR-2016-15    Finding equilibria in linear service-providing games (PDF)
Tamás Király, Júlia Pap
TR-2016-14    On some special cases of Ryser's conjecture (PDF)
Zoltán Király, Lilla Tóthmérész
TR-2016-13    The directed disjoint shortest paths problem (PDF)
Kristóf Bérczi, Yusuke Kobayashi
TR-2016-12    An algorithm for identifying cycle-plus-triangles graphs (PDF)
Kristóf Bérczi, Yusuke Kobayashi
TR-2016-11    Supermodularity in unweighted graph optimization III: Highly connected digraphs (PDF)
Kristóf Bérczi, András Frank
TR-2016-10    Supermodularity in unweighted graph optimization II: Matroidal term rank augmentation (PDF)
Kristóf Bérczi, András Frank
TR-2016-09    Supermodularity in unweighted graph optimization I: Branchings and matchings (PDF)
Kristóf Bérczi, András Frank
TR-2016-08    King-serf duo by monochromatic paths in k-edge-coloured tournaments (PDF)
Kristóf Bérczi, Attila Joó
TR-2016-07    T-joins in infinite graphs (PDF)
Attila Joó
TR-2016-06    Base polyhedra and the linking property (PDF)
Tamás Király
TR-2016-05    Rigid cylindrical frameworks with two coincident points (PDF)
Bill Jackson, Viktória Kaszanitzky, Anthony Nixon
TR-2016-04    Old and new results on packing arborescences (PDF)
Quentin Fortier, Csaba Király, Marion Léonard, Zoltán Szigeti, Alexandre Talon
TR-2016-03    Covering complete partite hypergraphs by monochromatic components (PDF)
András Gyárfás, Zoltán Király
TR-2016-02    Gomory-Hu trees of countably infinite graphs with finite total weight (PDF)
Attila Joó
TR-2016-01    Chip-firing based methods in the Riemann-Roch theory of directed graphs (PDF)
Bálint Hujter, Lilla Tóthmérész


TR-2015-17    Characterizing minimally flat symmetric hypergraphs (PDF)
Viktória Kaszanitzky, Bernd Schulze
TR-2015-16    Approximation schemes for parallel machine scheduling with non-renewable resources (PDF)
Péter Györgyi, Tamás Kis
TR-2015-15    Hardness results for stable exchange problems (PDF)
Zsuzsa Mészáros-Karkus
TR-2015-14    Non-TDI graph-optimization with supermodular functions (extended abstract) (PDF)
Kristóf Bérczi, András Frank
TR-2015-13    Berge's path partition conjecture: an algorithm for almost all known cases (PDF)
Dávid Herskovics
TR-2015-12    Algorithmic aspects of rotor-routing and the notion of linear equivalence (PDF)
Lilla Tóthmérész
TR-2015-11    Packing countably many branchings with prescribed root-sets in digraphs without backward-infinite paths (PDF)
Attila Joó
TR-2015-10    On the complexity of the chip-firing reachability problem (PDF)
Bálint Hujter, Viktor Kiss, Lilla Tóthmérész
TR-2015-09    Blocking optimal k-arborescences (PDF)
Attila Bernáth, Tamás Király
TR-2015-08    Unique low rank completability of partially filled matrices (PDF)
Bill Jackson, Tibor Jordán, Shin-ichi Tanigawa
TR-2015-07    Lifting symmetric pictures to polyhedral scenes (PDF)
Viktória Kaszanitzky, Bernd Schulze
TR-2015-06    Blocking optimal arborescences (PDF)
Attila Bernáth, Gyula Pap
TR-2015-05    Algorithmic aspects of covering supermodular functions under matroid constraints (PDF)
Kristóf Bérczi, Tamás Király, Yusuke Kobayashi
TR-2015-04    Spanning tree with lower bound on the degrees (PDF)
Zoltán Király
TR-2015-03    Rigid graphs and an augmentation problem (PDF)
Csaba Király
TR-2015-02    A succinct tree coding for greedy navigation (PDF)
Zoltán Király, Sándor Kisfaludi-Bak
TR-2015-01    Graph independent field size bounds on failure protecting network codes (PDF)
Erika Bérczi-Kovács


TR-2014-14    Minimizing Submodular Functions on Diamonds via Generalized Fractional Matroid Matchings (PDF)
Satoru Fujishige, Tamás Király, Kazuhisa Makino, Kenjiro Takazawa, Shin-ichi Tanigawa
TR-2014-13    Edmonds' Branching Theorem in Digraphs without Forward-infinite Paths (PDF)
Attila Joó
TR-2014-12    Combinatorial rigidity: graphs and matroids in the theory of rigid frameworks (PDF)
Tibor Jordán
TR-2014-11    On weighted kernels of two posets (PDF)
Tamás Fleiner, Zsuzsanna Jankó
TR-2014-10    Edge-Disjoint Paths Problem in Highly Connected, Infinite Graphs (PDF)
Attila Joó
TR-2014-08    On minimally highly vertex-redundantly rigid graphs (PDF)
Viktória Kaszanitzky, Csaba Király
TR-2014-07    Chip-firing games on Eulerian digraphs and NP-hardness of computing the rank of a divisor on a graph (PDF)
Viktor Kiss, Lilla Tóthmérész
TR-2014-06    Generic global rigidity of body-hinge frameworks (PDF)
Tibor Jordán, Csaba Király, Shin-ichi Tanigawa
TR-2014-05    Nonseparating cycles in planar and Eulerian graphs (PDF)
Attila Bernáth, Marcin Kaminski
TR-2014-04    Henneberg moves on mechanisms (PDF)
Bill Jackson, Tibor Jordán, Brigitte Servatius, Herman Servatius
TR-2014-03    A note on bounded weighted graphic metric TSP (PDF)
Ildikó Czeller, Gyula Pap
TR-2014-02    Blocking unions of arborescences (PDF)
Attila Bernáth, Gyula Pap
TR-2014-01    Combinatorial Conditions for the Unique Completability of Low Rank Matrices (PDF)
Bill Jackson, Tibor Jordán, Shin-ichi Tanigawa


TR-2013-10    Choice Function Based Two-Sided Markets: Stability, Lattice Property, Path Independence and Algorithms (PDF)
Tamás Fleiner, Zsuzsanna Jankó
TR-2013-09    An extension of Lehman's theorem and ideal set functions (PDF)
Tamás Király, Júlia Pap
TR-2013-08    Proof of Berge's path partition conjecture for $k\geq\lambda-3$ (PDF)
Dávid Herskovics
TR-2013-07    The Generalized Terminal Backup Problem (PDF)
Attila Bernáth, Yusuke Kobayashi, Tatsuya Matsuoka
TR-2013-06    Covering intersecting bi-set families under matroid constraints (PDF)
Kristóf Bérczi, Tamás Király, Yusuke Kobayashi
TR-2013-05    Sparse hypergraphs with applications in combinatorial rigidity (PDF)
Tibor Jordán, Viktória Kaszanitzky
TR-2013-04    Minimum-cost flow algorithms: An experimental evaluation (PDF)
Péter Kovács
TR-2013-03    On maximal independent arborescence-packing (PDF)
Csaba Király
TR-2013-02    Splitting property via shadow systems (PDF)
Kristóf Bérczi, Péter Csikvári, Erika Bérczi-Kovács, László Végh
TR-2013-01    Orientations and Detachments of Graphs with Prescribed Degrees and Connectivity (PDF)
Satoru Iwata, Tibor Jordán


TR-2012-21    On minimally k-rigid graphs (PDF)
Viktória Kaszanitzky, Csaba Király
TR-2012-20    Shortest paths in mixed graphs (PDF)
Zoltán Király
TR-2012-19    Globally linked pairs of vertices in rigid frameworks (PDF)
Bill Jackson, Tibor Jordán, Zoltán Szabadka
TR-2012-18    Complexity of equilibria in linear service-providing games (PDF)
Tamás Király, Júlia Pap
TR-2012-17    Gain-sparsity and Symmetry-forced Rigidity in the Plane (PDF)
Tibor Jordán, Viktória Kaszanitzky, Shin-ichi Tanigawa
TR-2012-16    Parameterized Complexity of Spare Capacity Allocation and the Multicost Steiner Subgraph Problem (PDF)
Tibor Jordán, Ildikó Schlotter
TR-2012-15    Robust tensegrity polygons (PDF)
János Geleji, Tibor Jordán
TR-2012-14    Minimax Theorems in Graph Connectivity Augmentation (PDF)
Tibor Jordán
TR-2012-13    Stable multicommodity flows (PDF)
Tamás Király, Júlia Pap
TR-2012-12    Equilibria in multiplayer multicommodity flow problems (PDF)
Tamás Király, Júlia Pap
TR-2012-11    Maximum negatable set in bipartite matching covered graphs (PDF)
G. Sanjith
TR-2012-10    On universally rigid frameworks on the line (PDF)
Tibor Jordán, Viet-Hang Nguyen
TR-2012-09    Algorithms for multiplayer multicommodity flow problems (PDF)
Attila Bernáth, Tamás Király, Erika Bérczi-Kovács, Gergely Mádi-Nagy, Gyula Pap, Júlia Pap, Jácint Szabó, László Végh
TR-2012-08    Rigid two-dimensional frameworks with two coincident points (PDF)
Zsolt Fekete, Tibor Jordán, Viktória Kaszanitzky
TR-2012-07    Dual-Critical Graphs -- Notes on parity constrained acyclic orientations (PDF)
Zoltán Király, Sándor Kisfaludi-Bak
TR-2012-06    Generalization of Chen's and Manalastas' conjecture (PDF)
Dávid Herskovics
TR-2012-05    Strongly Rigid Tensegrity Graphs on the Line (PDF)
Bill Jackson, Tibor Jordán, Csaba Király
TR-2012-04    PPAD-completeness of polyhedral versions of Sperner's Lemma (PDF)
Tamás Király, Júlia Pap
TR-2012-03    Characterizing and recognizing generalized polymatroids (PDF)
András Frank, Tamás Király, Júlia Pap, David Pritchard
TR-2012-02    The triangle-free 2-matching polytope of subcubic graphs (PDF)
Kristóf Bérczi
TR-2012-01    Network Coding Algorithms with Predetermined Coding Coefficients and Applications for Wireless Networks (PDF)
Zoltán Király, Erika Bérczi-Kovács


TR-2011-13    Covering minimum cost arborescences (PDF)
Attila Bernáth, Gyula Pap
TR-2011-12    Geometric Sensitivity of Rigid Graphs (PDF)
Tibor Jordán, Gábor Domokos, Krisztina Tóth
TR-2011-11    Recognizing graphic degree sequences and generating all realizations (PDF)
Zoltán Király
TR-2011-10    Special skew-supermodular functions and a generalization of Mader's splitting-off theorem (PDF)
Attila Bernáth, Tamás Király, László Végh
TR-2011-09    Matching with partially ordered contracts (PDF)
Rashid Farooq, Tamás Fleiner, Akihisa Tamura
TR-2011-08    A Matroid Approach to Stable Matchings with Lower Quotas (PDF)
Tamás Fleiner, Naoyuki Kamiyama
TR-2011-07    Balanced generic circuits without long paths (PDF)
Csaba Király, Ferenc Péterfalvi
TR-2011-06    Sink-stable sets of digraphs (Revised version) (PDF)
Dóra Erdős, András Frank, Krisztián Kun
TR-2011-05    On the tractability of some natural packing, covering and partitioning problems (PDF)
Attila Bernáth, Zoltán Király
TR-2011-04    A Note On Strongly Edge-Disjoint Arborescences (PDF)
Kristóf Bérczi, Erika Bérczi-Kovács
TR-2011-03    Approximation of Maximum Stable Marriage (PDF)
Zoltán Király
TR-2011-02    Monochromatic components in edge-colored complete uniform hypergraphs (PDF)
Zoltán Király
TR-2011-01    Multi-Layered Video Broadcast using Network Coding and a Distributed Connectivity Algorithm (PDF)
Zoltán Király, Erika Bérczi-Kovács


TR-2010-13    Tree metrics and edge-disjoint S-paths (PDF)
Hiroshi Hirai, Gyula Pap
TR-2010-12    Tree-compositions and submodular flows (PDF)
András Frank, Csaba Király
TR-2010-11    Highly connected molecular graphs are rigid in three dimensions (PDF)
Tibor Jordán
TR-2010-10    On disjoint common bases in two matroids (PDF)
Nicholas J. A. Harvey, Tamás Király, Lap Chi Lau
TR-2010-09    A note on a conjecture on clutters (PDF)
Júlia Pap
TR-2010-08    Degree bounded forest covering (PDF)
Tamás Király, Lap Chi Lau
TR-2010-07    Highly connected rigidity matroids have unique underlying graphs (PDF)
Tibor Jordán, Viktória Kaszanitzky
TR-2010-05    Simple push-relabel algorithms for matroids and submodular flows (PDF)
András Frank, Zoltán Miklós
TR-2010-04    A proof to Cunningham's conjecture on restricted subgraphs and jump systems (PDF)
Yusuke Kobayashi, Jácint Szabó, Kenjiro Takazawa
TR-2010-03    Augmenting the edge-connectivity of a hypergraph by adding a multipartite graph (PDF)
Attila Bernáth, Roland Grappe, Zoltán Szigeti
TR-2010-02    Globally linked pairs of vertices in minimally rigid graphs (PDF)
Zoltán Szabadka
TR-2010-01    Balanced list edge-colourings of bipartite graphs (PDF)
Tamás Fleiner, András Frank


TR-2009-13    Generic global rigidity of body-bar frameworks (PDF)
Robert Connelly, Tibor Jordán, Walter Whiteley
TR-2009-12    Restricted b-matchings in degree-bounded graphs (PDF)
Kristóf Bérczi, László Végh
TR-2009-11    On stable matchings and flows (PDF)
Tamás Fleiner
TR-2009-10    Augmenting undirected node-connectivity by one (PDF)
László Végh
TR-2009-09    Inductive Constructions in the Analysis of Two-Dimensional Rigid Structures (PDF)
Bill Jackson, Tibor Jordán
TR-2009-08    Generically globally rigid zeolites in the plane (PDF)
Tibor Jordán
TR-2009-07    Constructive Characterization Theorems in Combinatorial Optimization (PDF)
Erika Bérczi-Kovács, László Végh
TR-2009-06    Local Edge-Connectivity Augmentation in Hypergraphs is NP-complete (PDF)
Zoltán Király, Ben Cosh, Bill Jackson
TR-2009-05    Rigid and Globally Rigid Graphs with Pinned Vertices (PDF)
Tibor Jordán
TR-2009-04    Packing Arborescences (PDF)
Kristóf Bérczi, András Frank
TR-2009-03    Maximum Number of Cycles and Hamiltonian Cycles in Sparse Graphs (PDF)
Zoltán Király
TR-2009-02    A simple proof of a theorem of Benczúr and Frank (PDF)
Attila Bernáth
TR-2009-01    Stable roommates with free edges (PDF)
Katarína Cechlárová, Tamás Fleiner


TR-2008-15    Recognizing conic TDI systems is hard (PDF)
Júlia Pap
TR-2008-14    The constructive characterization of (k,l)-edge-connected digraphs (PDF)
Erika Bérczi-Kovács, László Végh
TR-2008-13    Kernels, stable matchings, and Scarf's Lemma (PDF)
Tamás Király, Júlia Pap
TR-2008-12    Strongly polynomial time solvability of integral and half-integral node-capacitated multiflow problems (PDF)
Gyula Pap
TR-2008-11    An algorithm for weighted fractional matroid matching (PDF)
Dion Gijswijt, Gyula Pap
TR-2008-10    A matroid intersection algorithm (PDF)
Gyula Pap
TR-2008-09    Globally Rigid Circuits of the Direction-Length Rigidity Matroid (PDF)
Bill Jackson, Tibor Jordán
TR-2008-08    Operations Preserving Global Rigidity of Generic Direction-Length Frameworks (PDF)
Bill Jackson, Tibor Jordán
TR-2008-07    Variations For Lovász' Submodular Ideas (PDF)
Kristóf Bérczi, András Frank
TR-2008-06    An algorithm for a super-stable roommates problem (PDF)
Tamás Fleiner, Robert W. Irving, David F. Manlove
TR-2008-05    Covering symmetric skew-supermodular functions with hyperedges (PDF)
Attila Bernáth, Tamás Király
TR-2008-04    Better and simpler approximation algorithms for the stable marriage problem (PDF)
Zoltán Király
TR-2008-03    Deciding Soccer Scores and Partial Orientations of Graphs (PDF)
Dömötör Pálvölgyi
TR-2008-02    A new approach to splitting-off (PDF)
Attila Bernáth, Tamás Király
TR-2008-01    A sufficient connectivity condition for generic rigidity in the plane (PDF)
Bill Jackson, Tibor Jordán


TR-2007-11    The stable roommates problem with choice functions (PDF)
Tamás Fleiner
TR-2007-10    A result on crossing families of odd sets (PDF)
Tamás Király
TR-2007-09    Degree constrained submodular flows (PDF)
Tamás Király, Lap Chi Lau
TR-2007-08    Rigid Tensegrity Labellings of Graphs (PDF)
Tibor Jordán, András Recski, Zoltán Szabadka
TR-2007-07    An algorithm to increase the node-connectivity of a digraph by one (PDF)
András Frank, László Végh
TR-2007-06    The generic rank of body-bar-and-hinge frameworks (PDF)
Bill Jackson, Tibor Jordán
TR-2007-05    Brick Partitions of Graphs (PDF)
Bill Jackson, Tibor Jordán
TR-2007-04    Packing trees with constraints on the leaf degree (PDF)
Jácint Szabó
TR-2007-03    A note on kernels in h-perfect graphs (PDF)
Tamás Király, Júlia Pap
TR-2007-02    Lambda-supermodular functions (PDF)
Zoltán Király
TR-2007-01    Applications of Eulerian splitting-off (PDF)
Tamás Király


TR-2006-17    Mader matroids are gammoids (PDF)
Gyula Pap
TR-2006-16    Operations preserving the global rigidity of graphs and frameworks in the plane (PDF)
Tibor Jordán, Zoltán Szabadka
TR-2006-15    Uniquely localizable networks with few anchors (PDF)
Zsolt Fekete, Tibor Jordán
TR-2006-14    Clique partitioning of interval graphs with submodular costs on the cliques (PDF)
Dion Gijswijt, Vincent Jost, Maurice Queyranne
TR-2006-13    Approximate Min-Max Theorems for Steiner Rooted-Orientations of Graphs and Hypergraphs (PDF)
Tamás Király, Lap Chi Lau
TR-2006-12    Source location in undirected and directed hypergraphs (PDF)
Attila Bernáth
TR-2006-11    Recent results on well-balanced orientations (PDF)
Attila Bernáth, Satoru Iwata, Tamás Király, Zoltán Király, Zoltán Szigeti
TR-2006-09    Matroid parity and jump systems: a solution to a conjecture of Recski (PDF)
Jácint Szabó
TR-2006-08    The parity problem of polymatroids without double circuits (PDF)
Márton Makai, Jácint Szabó
TR-2006-07    Rooted k-connections in digraphs (PDF)
András Frank
TR-2006-06    Pin-collinear Body-and-Pin Frameworks and the Molecular Conjecture (PDF)
Bill Jackson, Tibor Jordán
TR-2006-05    Hardness results for well-balanced orientations (PDF)
Attila Bernáth
TR-2006-04    Algorithm for Node-Capacitated Ring Routing (PDF)
András Frank, Zoltán Király, Balázs Kotnyek
TR-2006-03    Rigid components in molecular graphs (PDF)
Bill Jackson, Tibor Jordán
TR-2006-02    Rank and independence in the rigidity matroid of molecular graphs (PDF)
Bill Jackson, Tibor Jordán
TR-2006-01    Reliable Orientations of Eulerian Graphs (PDF)
Zoltán Király, Zoltán Szigeti


TR-2005-17    Upgrading edge-disjoint paths in a ring (PDF)
Jácint Szabó
TR-2005-16    On Prüfer codes (PDF)
Tamás Fleiner
TR-2005-15    Alternating paths revisited IV: packings and 2-packings of A-paths (PDF)
Gyula Pap
TR-2005-14    Alternating paths revisited III: hypo-matchings in directed graphs (PDF)
Gyula Pap
TR-2005-13    Alternating paths revisited II: restricted b-matchings in bipartite graphs (PDF)
Gyula Pap
TR-2005-12    Packing non-returning A-paths (PDF)
Gyula Pap
TR-2005-11    Matroid matching with Dilworth truncation (PDF)
Márton Makai
TR-2005-10    An O(n2) algorithm for ring routing (PDF)
Zoltán Király
TR-2005-09    On the rank function of the 3-dimensional rigidity matroid (PDF)
Bill Jackson, Tibor Jordán
TR-2005-08    Merging hyperedges to meet edge-connectivity requirements (PDF)
Tamás Király
TR-2005-07    Globally linked pairs of vertices in equivalent realizations of graphs (PDF)
Bill Jackson, Tibor Jordán, Zoltán Szabadka
TR-2005-06    Primal-dual approach for directed vertex connectivity augmentation and generalizations (PDF)
András A. Benczúr, László Végh
TR-2005-05    A note on [k,l]-sparse graphs (PDF)
Zsolt Fekete, László Szegő
TR-2005-04    Source location with rigidity and tree packing requirements (PDF)
Zsolt Fekete
TR-2005-03    Uniform partitioning to bases in a matroid (PDF)
Zsolt Fekete, Jácint Szabó
TR-2005-02    On scheduling problems with parallel multi-purpose machines (PDF)
Zsuzsanna Makai
TR-2005-01    Rothblum's description of the stable marriage polyhedron is TDI (PDF)
Tamás Király, Júlia Pap


TR-2004-19    A note on the degree prescribed factor problem (PDF)
Jácint Szabó
TR-2004-18    Alternating paths revisited I: even factors (PDF)
Gyula Pap
TR-2004-17    Generalized star packing problems (PDF)
Marek Janata, Jácint Szabó
TR-2004-16    On well-balanced orientations, counter-examples for related problems (PDF)
Satoru Iwata, Tamás Király, Zoltán Király, Zoltán Szigeti
TR-2004-15    A TDI description of restricted 2-matching polytopes (PDF)
Gyula Pap
TR-2004-14    On Kuhn's Hungarian Method - a tribute from Hungary (PDF)
András Frank
TR-2004-13    On the efficiency of Egerváry's perfect matching algorithm (PDF)
Alpár Jüttner
TR-2004-12    A note on the directed source location algorithm (PDF)
Attila Bernáth
TR-2004-11    Rigid realizations of graphs on small grids (PDF)
Zsolt Fekete, Tibor Jordán
TR-2004-10    Notes on well-balanced orientations (PDF)
Zoltán Király, Zoltán Szigeti
TR-2004-09    A short proof on the local detachment theorem (PDF)
Zoltán Szigeti
TR-2004-08    On partition constrained splitting off (PDF)
Zoltán Szigeti
TR-2004-07    On admissible edges (PDF)
Zoltán Szigeti
TR-2004-06    An algorithm for source location in directed graphs (PDF)
Mihály Bárász, Johanna Becker, András Frank
TR-2004-05    On the existence of k edge-disjoint 2-connected spanning subgraphs (PDF)
Tibor Jordán
TR-2004-04    Sparse certificates and removable cycles in l-mixed p-connected graphs (PDF)
Alex Berg, Tibor Jordán
TR-2004-03    Two-connected orientations of Eulerian graphs (PDF)
Alex Berg, Tibor Jordán
TR-2004-02    Rigid two-dimensional frameworks with three collinear points (PDF)
Bill Jackson, Tibor Jordán
TR-2004-01    On factorizations of directed graphs by cycles (PDF)
Gyula Pap, László Szegő


TR-2003-12    A Gallai-Edmonds type theorem for the k-piece packing problem (PDF)
Marek Janata, Martin Loebl, Jácint Szabó
TR-2003-11    A note on parity constrained orientations (PDF)
Tamás Király, Jácint Szabó
TR-2003-10    On constructive characterizations of (k,l)-sparse graphs (PDF)
László Szegő
TR-2003-09    On polyhedra related to even factors (PDF)
Tamás Király, Márton Makai
TR-2003-08    A characterisation of weakly four-connected graphs (PDF)
Tibor Jordán
TR-2003-07    The path-packing structure of graphs (PDF)
András Sebő, László Szegő
TR-2003-06    The d-dimensional rigidity matroid of sparse graphs (PDF)
Bill Jackson, Tibor Jordán
TR-2003-05    A polyhedral approach to even factors (PDF)
Márton Makai
TR-2003-04    The Dress conjectures on rank in the 3-dimensional rigidity matroid (PDF)
Bill Jackson, Tibor Jordán
TR-2003-03    On a generalization of the stable roommates problem (PDF)
Katarina Cechlarova, Tamás Fleiner
TR-2003-02    On the maximum even factor in weakly symmetric graphs (PDF)
Gyula Pap, László Szegő
TR-2003-01    A constrained independent set problem for matroids (PDF)
Tamás Fleiner, András Frank, Satoru Iwata


TR-2002-12    Connected rigidity matroids and unique realizations of graphs (PDF)
Bill Jackson, Tibor Jordán
TR-2002-11    A note on hypergraph connectivity augmentation (PDF)
Tamás Király, Márton Makai
TR-2002-10    Minimally k-edge-connected directed graphs of maximal size (PDF)
Alex Berg, Tibor Jordán
TR-2002-09    The generalized Kaneko theorem (PDF)
Jácint Szabó
TR-2002-08    Some results on stable matchings and fixed points (PDF)
Tamás Fleiner
TR-2002-07    Generalized induced factor problems (PDF)
Zoltán Király, Jácint Szabó
TR-2002-06    A magyar módszer és általánosításai (The Hungarian method and its extensions; in Hungarian) (PDF)
András Frank
TR-2002-05    Constructive characterizations for packing and covering with trees (Revised version of TR-2001-05) (PDF)
András Frank, László Szegő
TR-2002-04    A Gallai--Edmonds-type structure theorem for path-matchings. (PDF)
Bianca Spille, László Szegő
TR-2002-03    On the stable b-matching polytope (PDF)
Tamás Fleiner
TR-2002-02    Covering symmetric supermodular functions by uniform hypergraphs (PDF)
Tamás Király
TR-2002-01    Detachment of vertices of graphs preserving edge-connectivity (PDF)
Balázs Fleiner


TR-2001-17    Optimization with additional variables and constraints (PDF)
Alpár Jüttner
TR-2001-16    Edge splitting and connectivity augmentation in directed hypergraphs (PDF)
Alex Berg, Bill Jackson, Tibor Jordán
TR-2001-15    On a lemma of Scarf (PDF)
Ron Aharoni, Tamás Fleiner
TR-2001-14    Highly edge-connected detachments of graphs and digraphs (PDF)
Alex Berg, Bill Jackson, Tibor Jordán
TR-2001-13    C4-free 2-factors in bipartite graphs (PDF)
Zoltán Király
TR-2001-12    Non-separable detachments of graphs (PDF)
Bill Jackson, Tibor Jordán
TR-2001-11    Edge-connection of graphs, digraphs, and hypergraphs (PDF)
András Frank
TR-2001-10    Restricted t-matchings in bipartite graphs (PDF)
András Frank
TR-2001-09    Node-capacitated ring routing (PDF)
András Frank, Bruce Shepherd, Vivek Tandon, Zoltán Végh
TR-2001-08    A proof of Connelly's conjecture on 3-connected generic cycles (PDF)
Alex Berg, Tibor Jordán
TR-2001-07    Combined connectivity augmentation and orientation problems (PDF)
András Frank, Tamás Király
TR-2001-06    On the orientation of graphs and hypergraphs (PDF)
András Frank, Tamás Király, Zoltán Király
TR-2001-05    An extension of a theorem of Henneberg and Laman (A revised version is available as TR-2002-05) (PDF)
András Frank, László Szegő
TR-2001-04    Independence free graphs and vertex connectivity augmentation (PDF)
Bill Jackson, Tibor Jordán
TR-2001-03    A note on the path-matching formula (PDF)
András Frank, László Szegő
TR-2001-02    On decomposing a hypergraph into k connected sub-hypergraphs (PDF)
András Frank, Tamás Király, Matthias Kriesell
TR-2001-01    A fixed-point approach to stable matchings and some applications (PDF)
Tamás Fleiner
TR-2001-00    A short survey on some aspects of Egres Theory (PDF)
Tamás Király

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