On decomposing a hypergraph into k connected sub-hypergraphs

András Frank, Tamás Király, Matthias Kriesell

Published in:
Discrete Appl. Math. 131:2 (2003), 373-383.


We extend first the notion of graphic matroids for hypergraphs and apply then the matroid partition theorem of Edmonds to obtain a generalization of Tutte's disjoint trees theorem for hypergraphs. As a corollary, we prove for positive integers k and q that every (kq)-edge-connected hypergraph of rank q can be decomposed into k connected sub-hypergraphs, a well-known result for q=2. Another by-product is a sufficient condition for the existence of k edge-disjoint Steiner trees in a bipartite graph.

Hypergraph, Matroid, Steiner tree

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