Generalized induced factor problems

Zoltán Király, Jácint Szabó


Given a graph G=(V,E) and a family H of graphs, a subgraph G' of G is usually called an H-factor, if it is a spanning subgraph of G and its every component is isomorphic to some member of H. Here we focus on the case K_2 \in H. Many nice results are known in the literature for this case. We show some very general theorems (Tutte type existence theorem, Tutte-Berge type minimax formula, Gallai-Edmonds type structure theorem) that can be considered as a common generalization of almost all such known results. In this paper we use a stricter and more general concept for H-factors, namely where the components of G' must be induced subgraphs of G.

matching, factor, structure theorem, matroid

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