A Gallai-Edmonds type theorem for the k-piece packing problem

Marek Janata, Martin Loebl, Jácint Szabó

Published in:
Electron. J. Combin. 12 (2005) 1


Generalizing Kaneko's long path packing problem, Hartvigsen, Hell and Szabó [2] consider a new type of undirected graph packing problem, called the k-piece packing problem. A k-piece is a simple, connected graph with highest degree exactly k, so when k=1 we get the classical matching problem. They give a polynomial algorithm, a Tutte-type characterization and a Berge-type minimax formula, but they leave open the question of a Gallai-Edmonds type structure theorem. This paper fills this gap by describing such a decomposition. We also prove that the vertex sets coverable by k-piece packings have a matroidal structure in a certain way.

Graph packing, Gallai-Edmonds decomposition, Matroid

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