Uniform partitioning to bases in a matroid

Zsolt Fekete, Jácint Szabó


We say that a matroid M is k-uniform if - provided that it is the disjoint union of its two bases - for any given k-element subpartition P of its ground set, M can be partitioned into two disjoint bases B_1, B_2 such that ||B_1 \cap R| - |B_2 \cap R|| \leq 1 for all R \in P. The circuit matroid of an undirected graph G is called k-star-uniform if the above holds for all k-element subpartitions containing stars of independent vertices of G. In this paper we prove that the circuit matroids are 1-uniform and 3-star-uniform but not necessarily 2-uniform and 4-star-uniform.

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