Base polyhedra and the linking property

Tamás Király


An integer polyhedron $P \subseteq \Rset^n$ has the linking property if for any $f \in \Zset^n$ and $g \in \Zset^n$ with $f \leq g$, $P$ has an integer point between $f$ and $g$ if and only if it has both an integer point above $f$ and an integer point below $g$. We prove that an integer polyhedron in the hyperplane $\sum_{j=1}^n x_j=\beta$ is a base polyhedron if and only if it has the linking property. The result implies that an integer polyhedron has the strong linking property, as defined in [A. Frank, T. Király, A survey on covering supermodular functions, 2009], if and only if it is a generalized polymatroid.

Previous versions can be found here and here.

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