Summer Research Workshop on Volume Inequalities and Rigidity

Budapest, July 2 - 30, 2009

Location: Department of Geometry, Institute of Mathematics,
Eötvös Loránd University,
Pázmány Péter sétány 1/C, Budapest, Hungary
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Organizers: Károly Bezdek (University of Calgary)
Robert Connelly (Cornell University)
Balázs Csikós (Eötvös Loránd University)
Tibor Jordán (Eötvös Loránd University)

General Program Description: The workshop is intented to be a "get-together" of researchers that are interested in some of the topics listed below. There can be some talks, but the emphasis is put mostly on discussions between the invited specialists about some basic problems in their common interest. Most of the time is spent with a small group of people working on problems.
Outline of the Workshop
July 2 to July 10: Volume Inequalities
July 13 to July 17: Break for the Conference on Convex and Discrete Geometry on the occasion of the retirement of Peter M. Gruber.
July 20 to July 30: Global Rigidity, Rigidity and Symmetry
The following papers put forward a number of open problems for thinking.
Károly Bezdek, Tarski's plank problem revisited
Robert Connelly, Questions, Conjectures and Remarks on Globally Rigid Tensegrities (updated version)
Igors Gorbovickis, Kneser-Poulsen conjecture for large radii
Bernd Schulze, Combinatorial and Geometric Rigidity with Symmetry Constraints
July 10, Friday
10:00 T. Tarnai, Maximizing the area of the union of five equal circles intersected with a large circle (joint work with Zs. Gáspár, K. Hincz)
11:00 A. Bezdek, Conjectures, related to the Malfatti problem
12:00 Lunch
14:00 I. Gorbovickis, Kneser-Poulsen conjecture for large radii
July 20, Monday
10:00 R. Connelly, Problems concerning global rigidity
11:00 K. Bezdek, Problems concerning volume inequalities
12:00 Lunch
13:30 Problems from others and a discussion of who would like to talk later in the week.
July 21, Tuesday
10:00 A. Bezdek, More on the Plank problem
11:00 S. Guest, Symmetry and rigidity
12:00 Lunch
14:00 J. Owen, CAD problems
15:00 S. Power, Infinite frameworks
July 22, Wednesday
10:00 E. Ross, Periodic rigidity
10:20 J. Geleji, Union of count matroids
11:00 B. Schulze, Symmetric version of Laman's theorem
12:00 Lunch
14:00 Walter Whiteley, TBA
15:00 J.-M. Schlenker, Rigidity of polyhedra
July 23, Thursday
10:00 B. Jackson, Bounded direction constrained frameworks
11:00 T. Jordán, Generically globally rigid body-bar frameworks in Rd
12:00 Lunch
14:00 B. Csikós, Bicycle polygons
July 24, Friday
10:00 R. Connelly, More on tensegrities
11:00 I. Gorbovickis, Kneser-Poulsen conjecture when each ball is intersected by a small number of other balls
Afternoon: Free
Participiants: Bezdek, András
Bezdek, Daniel (July 20 - July 30)
Bezdek, Károly (July 20 - July 30)
Connelly, Robert (June 15 - August 5)
Csikós, Balázs
Fowler, Patrick (July 20 -July 24)
Guest, Simon (July 20 -July 24)
Gorbovickis, Igors (July 7 - July 30)
Jackson, Bill (July 20 - July 27)
Jordán, Tibor (July 20 - July 30)
Owen, John (July 20 - July 30)
Power, Stephen (July 20 -July 24)
Ross, Elissa (July 20 - July 31)
Salát, Máté (July 20 - July 30)
Schlenker, Jean-Marc (July 18 - July 25)
Schulze, Bernd (July 20 - July 24)
Tarnai, Tibor
Whiteley, Walter (July 20 - July 31)
Invitations in Progress: --
Contact: If you have any question regarding the workshop, please contact one of the local organizers: Balázs Csikós, or Tibor Jordán