A brief history of the Department of Geometry at Eötvös Loránd University between 1938-2000

The chairman was Béla Kerékjártó (topology, foundation of geometry, projective geometry) and the professors were Manó Beke (differential geometry, foundation of geometry), Pál Endre Sárközy (differential geometry, differential equations). Among the associate professors was Richárd Obláth (geometric number theory).
The acting chairman was László Fejes Tóth (discrete geometry) among his colleague professors doing geometric research was Pál Szász (hyperbolic geometry, analysis) and Ferenc Kárteszi (foundation of geometry, finite geometry).
The chairman was György Hajós (geometry of numbers, foundation of geometry) and among the professors was László Fuchs (algebra, geometric groups). Associate and assistant professors and research fellows included Ottó Kiss (numerical analysis), József Szabados (numerical analysis, approximation theory), János Strohmajer (foundation of geometry), Lóránt Pálmay (foundation of geometry), Ferenc Molnár (elementary geometry), Ferenc Pogáts (elementary geometry) and Jenõ Székely (discrete geometry).
The acting chairman was Mátyás Bognár (topology). Among the research fellows was László Lovász (combinatorics, computer science).
The chairman was József Molnár (combinatorial geometry, discrete geometry, foundation of geometry) and among the professors was Gyula Soós (differential geometry).
The chairman was Károly Böröczky (combinatorial geometry, discrete geometry) and among his colleague professors was János Szenthe (differential geometry). Among the associate professors and research fellows were Emil Molnár (discrete transformation groups, cristallography), Géza Csóka (geometry of lattices and quadratic forms), Endre Szolcsányi (differential geometry), Eva Vásárhelyi (discrete geometry) and László Hárs (discrete geometry).
The current (full time) faculty list of the Department of Geometry is the following.
Károly Bezdek , professor and chairman (combinatorial geometry, convex geometry,
Károly Böröczky professor (combinatorial geometry and discrete geometry);
János Szenthe professor (differential geometry, Riemann manifolds, Lie groups);
Balázs Csikós associate professor (differential geometry, Lie groups and discrete geometry);
Endre Szolcsányi associate professor (differential geometry, Finsler geometry);
László Verhóczki associate professor (differential geometry, group actions in symmetric spaces);
Gábor Kertész assistant professor (combinatorial geometry and discrete geometry);
György Kiss assistant professor (combinatorial geometry and finite geometry);
Gábor Moussong assistant professor (geometric topology and geometric group theory);
Endre Daróczy-Kiss computer assistant (computational geometry).

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