COMPSCI network in Eötvös University, Budapest, Hungary, Earth.

Ez az oldal magyarul is olvasható.

This local network is part of the ELTENET, the LAN of the University.
It consists of the machines of the Departments in Mathematics.

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Our Departments

Institute of Mathematics I. (Director: Béla Vízvári)

Institute of Mathematics II. (Director: György Michaletzky)

Mathematical Library

Programs in English

Homepage of Mathematical Science Circle

Math Master's Theses

Applied Math Master's Theses

Math PhD Theses

Technical Reports

Matematikai Problémák (In Hungarian)

Class schedules

ELTE Center for Information Technology

Schweitzer Miklós Competition, 2004

Paul Erdõs died

Some starting points in mathematics

and in computer science


KöMaL (Mathematical and Physical Journal for Secondary Schools)

Some other institutes

Possibilities in the Internet

Searching in Hungary:



Information about software

Software developed locally

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