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Mail Aliases

Here is a  setq to `turn on' mail aliases, along with more reminders.

;;; Mail mode
; To enter mail mode, type `C-x m'
; To enter RMAIL (for reading mail), 
; type `M-x rmail'

(setq mail-aliases t)

This  setq command sets the value of the variable  mail-aliases to  t . Since  t means true, the line says, in effect, "Yes, use mail aliases."

Mail aliases are convenient short names for long email addresses or for lists of email addresses. The file where you keep your `aliases' is `~/.mailrc'. You write an alias like this:

alias geo george@foobar.wiz.edu

When you write a message to George, address it to `geo'; the mailer will automatically expand `geo' to the full address.

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