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X11 Colors

You can specify colors when you use Emacs version 19 with the MIT X Windowing system. (All the previous examples should work with both Emacs version 18 and Emacs version 19; this works only with Emacs version 19.)

I hate the default colors and specify my own.

Most of my specifications are in various X initialization files. I wrote notes to myself in my `.emacs' file to remind myself what I did:

;; I use TWM for window manager;
;; my ~/.xsession file specifies:
;    xsetroot -solid navyblue -fg white

Actually, the root of the X window is not part of Emacs at all, but I like the reminder anyhow.

;; My ~/.Xresources file specifies:
;     XTerm*Background:    sky blue
;     XTerm*Foreground:    white
;     emacs*geometry:      =80x40+100+0
;     emacs*background:    blue
;     emacs*foreground:    grey97
;     emacs*cursorColor:   white
;     emacs*pointerColor:  white

Here are the expressions in my `.emacs' file that set values:

;;; Set highlighting colors for isearch and drag
(set-face-foreground 'highlight "white" )
(set-face-background 'highlight "slate blue")
(set-face-background 'region    "slate blue")
 'secondary-selection "turquoise")

;; Set calendar highlighting colors
(setq calendar-load-hook
      '(lambda () 
         (set-face-foreground 'diary-face   "skyblue")
         (set-face-background 'holiday-face "slate blue")
         (set-face-foreground 'holiday-face "white")))

The various shades of blue soothe my eye and prevent me from seeing the screen flicker.

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