Software developed locally


Convenient buffer-local minor mode for the emacs editor for editing Hungarian documents.
(Written by: Zoltán Király).

TeX-ing in Hungarian

  • Hungarian hyphenation rules. (Written by: Gyula Mayer and Dezső Miklós).
  • Macro package for TeX-ing in Hungarian in plaintex and amstex formats. The description of the package. (Written by: Kiss W. Emil).
  • Hungarian article documentclass for latex, style for other documentclasses, and a sample style for Hungarian names (fejezet, tétel). (Written by: Zoltán Hidvégi).


    English-Hungarian and Hungarian-English dictionary program that uses the sophisticated and beneficial features of the shell zsh and contains a macro-package for the editor emacs.
    Description and source.
    (Written by: Gábor Ribárik).


    The Z-shell, similar to the Bourne shell, is a UNIX command interpreter that contains a very large amount of extensions for both the interactive user and the shell script programmer. The newest version can be downloaded from here. If you are intersted, you can look at the manual or the FAQ before. Zsh is written by an enthusiastic international developing group which is coordinated by Andrew Main.

    Generating intervals

    An implementation of a new algorithm by András Frank can be found here. This a combinatorial optimization algorithm which, given a set of intervalls, finds the smallest generator system for them. Code written by Jörg Förster.