Tibor IllÚs

Associate Professor

Room : 3-505/a
Telephone : (+36-1)-372-2500/8581
Fax : 381-2156
e-mail : illes@math.elte.hu
URL :  English/Hungarian version
Publications :  www.cs.elte.hu/~illes/it-pub.htm

Research Interests:

  • Linear optimization: duality theory, interior-point methods, pivot algorithms, sensitivity analysis, oriented matroids.
  • Linear complementarity problems: interior-point methods, pivot algorithms, related matrix classes, complexity issues.
  • Convex optimization: structured convex optimization problems (entropy- and Young programs), duality theory, interior-point methods.
  • Nonlinear programming: generalized convex programming, theorems of alternative, duality theory, fractional linear programming.
  • Applications of operations research: in chemical-, paint- and steal industry; color measuring; nuclear power plants; blending- and enviromental problems.