Name of program: MSc in Mathematics

Mode of study: this program is available full-time

Optimal duration of study:  2 years (4 semesters)


The MSc in Mathematics at the Institute of Mathematics at Loránd
Eötvös University is a two years international program, where
the students can choose from 3 specializations:
Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Mathematics Education.

To be a student at ELTE is a full-time job program  assessed by written
examinations, coursework, projects, a talk, and a dissertation.
This MSc equips the student with a sound knowledge of advanced
mathematics suitable for progression to a research degree or as
a foundation for a career user of mathematics. Students have
full access to Departmental computing facilities, the Library
and Mathematics Reading Room. Each student has a tutor to guide
him or her through the program. The MSc in Mathematics has been
designed for students who want to continue their mathematics
studies by delving more deeply into particular aspects of pure
and applied mathematics. The courses may well be of interest to
mathematically inclined scientists and engineers as well as to


From European Union: BSc in Mathematics (or in a closely related field)
obtained from any higher education institution standing in with
the Bologna Declaration.

From the rest of the World: BSc in Mathematics (or in a closely
related field).


MSc Pure Mathematics.  This specialized degree focuses on
Topology, Functional analysis, Number theory, Algebra, Finite
mathematics, Geometry, Numerical analysis