- t h e g r e e t i n g s -

first, the group greetings..

our close friends in rnd order:
aggressive giants, darkside, silicon brain, elvont, kyphosis, did, extasy, greenroom, dolops, exhumers, golden chipmunk, resource, 2dash, crimson jihad, and all i forgot (sorry)

more friends in:
breeze, astroidea, abaddon, anarchy budhaz, apoplexy, axioma, avh, bacteria, biohazard, black rainbow, brave lamers, capanña, chrome, cls, coderl crew, contract, dinasty, emperor, enlightenment, euthanasia, exact, exceed, fresh, gash, gyroscope, immortals, impulse, japotek, kalmar2/fantasy crew, kalvados, majic 12, mandula, mortal compact, mortal team, murmidones, nosasoft, panic!systems, profik, rhyme, simpathy, thitanium, unicorn, unique pc, united force, urinate!, wish, 2dash, etc..
and the others:
borland, brainlez coders, coma, complex, coral, cubicteam&seen, dentifrice, diffusion, doomsday productions, dubius, eclipse, funk!, gollum, goto10, idgames, jamm, microsoft, neutron, nooon, oxygene, pimp, proxima, psychic link, pulse, realtech, sense, the black lotus, tpolm, tran :), valhalla, vista, xtacy, yodel, etc, etc..

to tell the truth, it's an old-old list, there are many changes since i wrote it, many new groups, people i don't know at all, etc, but who carez anyway?
greets suxx :)

then the personal ones.. (surprisly:)

no, no personal greetz now
you know who you are

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