PhD Thesis:

A constructive approach to matching and its applications, PhD thesis, 2007 PS

10-page summary of my thesis PS


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EGRES Technical Reports (download from: EGRES homepage)

EGRES TR-2011-13, (with Attila Bernáth) Covering minimum cost arborescences PDF

EGRES TR-2010-13, (with Hiroshi Hirai) Tree metrics and edge-disjoint S-paths PDF

EGRES TR-2008-12, Strongly polynomial time solvability of integral and half-integral node-capacitated multiflow problems PDF

EGRES TR-2008-11, (with Dion Gijswijt) An algorithm for weighted fractional matroid matching PDF

EGRES TR-2008-10, A matroid intersection algorithm PDF

EGRES TR-2006-17, Mader matroids are gammoids PDF

EGRES TR-2005-15, Alternating paths revisited IV: packings and 2-packings of A-paths PDF

EGRES TR-2005-14, Alternating paths revisited III: hypo-matchings in directed graphs PDF

EGRES TR-2005-13, Alternating paths revisited II: Ktt-free t-matchings PDF

EGRES TR-2005-12, Packing non-returning A-paths PDF

EGRES TR-2004-18, Alternating paths revisited I: even factors PDF

EGRES TR-2004-15, A TDI description of Restricted 2-Matching Polytopes PDF

EGRES TR-2004-01, (with László Szegő) On factorizations of directed graphs by cycles PDF

EGRES TR-2003-02, (with László Szegő) On the maximum even factor problem in weakly symmetric graphs PDF


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