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What you have to know about me, is that I studied technical mathematics at the Technical University in Berlin and that I wrote my thesis at the Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest. The main fields of my studies were:

  • mathematics: Linear Programming and Combinatorial Optimization

  • subjects in engineering: Patternrecognition and Imageprocessing

  • subjects in computer science: Computer Graphics, Technical Informatics in Biomedicine , Modelling of Modern Communication Systems

    Right now I work with the Hewlett-Packard GmbH in Ratingen/Germany

    The subject of my thesis was: The implementation of a new algorithmic proof of Győri's theorem, that is, how to compute a minimum rectangle cover and a maximum number of independent squares in a vertically convex rectilinear polygon. An other possible interpretation is to find a minimum generator and a minimum independent subset of a subpath-system of a mainpath.

    I am also the co-author of a paper with the title "Dilworth's Theorem and its application for path systems of a cycle - implemenation and analysis", which will be presented on the ESA 1999 conference. My partners in this work have been Andras Benczur and Zoltan Kiraly.

    For a survey on the whole subject click here!

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  • my thesis (

  • C program-package for interval-systems of a mainpath

  • C program-package for interval-systems of a cycle

  • C program-package for the covering of vertically convex polygons.

  • My homepage at TU-Berlin

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