P. Komjáth, V. Totik

Problems and Theorems in Classical Set Theory

A problem book that appeared at Springer, in 2006.
This book contains over 1000 problems in classical set theory. The book starts with introductory topics as: set operations, cardinal operations, countable sets, sets of cardinality continuum, ordered and well ordered sets, ordinals. Next, important classical results are covered as the well ordering theorem, the definition and properties of alephs, Zorn's lemma, cofinalities, stationary sets. Along the way, we apply these techniques in proving various reasults in analysis, graph theory, algebra by using transfinite methods, the continuum hypothesis, Hamel bases, etc. Special attention is given to such tradionally Hungarian topics as infinite graphs and combinatorial set theory.

Some of the highligts:

Full, detailed solution is provided to every problem.


"The book is well-written and self-contained, a choice collection of hundreds of tastefully selected problems related to calssical set theory, a wealth of naturally arising, simply formulated problems not only in pure set theory but also in real analysis, geometry, graph theory, discrete mathematics, algebra, topology, etc., connected to set theory." (Tamas Erdelyi)

"This is a welcome addition to the literature, which should be useful to students and researchers alike." (Mathematical Reviews)

"This is not a book from which to learn set theory, but rather it is a book that allows one to savor set theory." (Zentralblatt)