Grant history of Peter Sziklai (file in preparation)

    Postdoctoral grant
    F043772 (leader)
    T043758 (leader: T. Szonyi)
    T049662 (leader: T. Szonyi)
    T067867 (leader: L. Lovasz)


2001. NATO advanced researcher grant

FKFP (leader: G. Nagy)

1999-2002 OTKA postdoctoral grant

2002-2004. Magyary postdoctoral grant

TET Hungarian-Spanish

2006-2009 Bolyai postdoctoral grant

Jedlik dec. 2005 - oct. 2008

(2 student labs with thin clients, Sun servers, still a fundamental part of the "cs" system)

2011-2014 Bolyai postdoctoral grant

2014. NFÜ projects in cryptography

2015. Two EIT ICT Labs research projects in cryptography