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Travel cost calculator, development version

Last touch: 31st August, 2008

How to use

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Captain's log.


Set your travel parameters and press "Adjust parameters" (the button will be disabled until you actually change the current settings). Then either

or If you want to add your own waypoint alias list, type its address into the appropriate field and press "Merge alias list". The calculator is now ready, whenever you select several pre-defined waypoints or type them in manually, pressing "Calculate path" or the Enter key will append the results of the calculation to the "Output area". Enjoy.

Adding PSBs is very simple, you just add the line "beacon My_PSB_name x y" to the map data of the appropriate sector before processing (this will add a "My PSB name" at [x,y], if the map has a navigable tile there). In the alias list, the corresponding line should read "My_PSB_name Sector_name x y" and will add "My PSB name" as an alias for tile [x,y] in sector "Sector name". Multiple aliases can be added for the same tile.

If you want to maintain a list of PSBs in any universe or just want to contribute to one, please post the list on the Pardus forum.

Sector Cegreeth is not mapped completely (3 tiles in the middle). This does not affect transit paths.

The bottom textarea exists for debugging and maintenance purposes, please use it only when you know what you're doing.

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