E-mails about mono

From: Dave Stone <DAVE@asplundh.com>

I would really like to know if you can ever get it again because many say you cant get it again but others say you can. Right now I have mono and my lymph node in my neck is very large and I need a response on this very soon. I am only 14 and it really is slowing my life so please write back.

Thank You

From: Allison Glass <allison@silencer.com>

I had it but had no symptoms until I jaundiced when my liver got infected. I was laid up for two months when I was eighteen

From: "John L. Gipson" <belushi@qni.com>

I have Mononucleiosis right now! I was mis-diagnosed, at first, and told I was bit by a spider. That's what I thought because I had killed a spider in my room when I woke up in the morning. I figured I'd been bitten by a spider in my sleep. A few days after I killed the spider, I had no energy, a fever, night sweats, and these pea size bumps on the back of my neck. I went to the doctor and he gave me some medicine for the swelling in my neck, since at that time we both thought I'd been bitten by a spider.

Well, a week went by and I went through all of the swelling medicine for the bumps in my neck and the swelling didn't go down much. I still felt terrible, so I went back to the doctor. Well, he took a blood sample and told me that I had mono. He gave me some medicine called PREDNISONE. I've taken it now for a day and a half and I already have more energy. I'm still not 100%, but I'm feeling better.

The swelling in my lymph nodes, what I thought was a spider bite, is still there though. The doctor said that this medicine SHOULD make that disappear. I sure hope so! Have you, or do you know anyone, who has had there lymph nodes swell? And, how long does it take for that to disappear?

I'm suppose to go to the doctor's, in a week, and get another check-up to see how I'm doing.

I also had this when I was 5 or 6. But I had no swelling in my lymph nodes then.

Just saw the Mono HomePage and thought I'd tell you my story.


From: Miguel Moniente Aznar <088g11z1@goriz.sendanet.es>

Today a doctor said me that my son (3 years old) have mononucleosis-infectious. He is very tired and have ganglious in the throat. The doctor say that my son have a tendency to the amigdalitis or other infectious process, and we must very care with violent exercises because could be broken the liver or the spleen. However don't order medicines except antibiotics or corticoides if get a strong amigdalitis.

Tank you very much for your information and excuse me for my bad english. God by from Spain.

Miguel Moniente

From: John Tesdal <tezz@alive.toho.co.jp>

Mine started out with me getting tired real easy. I would sleep up to twelve hours and I would still be tired. I noticed that I had a lump in my neck on the left side towards the back. My neck was sore and it was giving me killer headaches. I finally went to a doctor, but the doctor just told me that it was nothing and to come back if the symtoms were still there after a month. The weeks drug on and I got worse. I got so bad that I couldn't breathe at night, because of the congestion. I finally went back and saw another doctor who tested me for mononucleosis. He confirmed it and put me on entex for my congestion. For two more months I had alot of sleepless nights. My wife later started getting sick and she went to the doctor and they tested her for mononucleosis and it came back positive. She only had a mild like cold for a couple of weeks, then she was fine. We are both healthy now. I tracked down where I had gotten it from, it was from a dental office, where I had gotten a root canal.

From: valentino flores <HOLLWD@mother.com>

I have mono, and when it all started I had a sore throat, and a fever. I went to the doctor and they kept telling me that I had the flu. Finally i saw a new doctor and she said,"I'm going to test you for mono." I had the test and a day later they called me. I wasn't home and they kept calling. I knew something was wrong. I had felt extramely tired, and didn't want to go to school. They got a hold of me and told me that I had mono. They told me not to do any physical activity's because my spleen could rupture. That scared me. I've had it for about 2 months and during this time I only went to school half a day everyday. I couldn't work for about a month. A lot of people at my school have had it.

From: Talwags@aol.com


Read the summary of your experience. You say you were on an antibiotic...which one? I have been on augmentin for a long time -- for an entercoccus infection and just recently got mono.

I too am weak and tired. And cranky to say the least.

From: LabUser <LabUser@hawk.depaul.edu>

Hi. My name is Erin Marie I am 18 years of age and am a freshman in college. I was diagnosed less than a week ago for having mononucleosis. At the time I had little to no idea what it was. I went to the doctor because my touncils were the size of walnuts and I had a cold. Anyway, my roommate and I thought I was just really lazy because i was sleeping for days at a time and I was even too exhausted to turn over and answer the phone!! Which is VERY unusual for me. I started reading up on mono so I have a clue what I am dealing with but there is something that hasn't been mentioned in any of the books I read and that is the lonliness. My friends are afraid to be around me and some literally run away from me when I tell them I have mono. I have been kicked out of classes and barred from friends' rooms out of terror of spreading mono. It isn't easy to cope with isolation. I did read that mono patiants are more at risk for depression due to cancelling everything in their lives for rest and therefore feeling worthless. However, I am now suffering depression for lack of human companionship. I just thought it is something that people might want to concider if they or a friend of theirs has mono. It doesn't spread through the air people so chill out and RELAX. HA! Thanks, Erin Marie Corfman DePaul University 2312 N. Clifton ave, apt 425 Chicago, Illinois 60614

From: willcai@ibm.net (William Cai)

Hi Mr. Zskatona,

It took you like 3-month to recover?

I think that I am still in the middle of it. I had very bad sleep ever since I got it. Felt very tired at the first 3 weeks of the illness. It's been almost 2 months. Several days ago, I felt better. However, these days I had fever again.

Did you experience the similar thing in the three month period?


William Cai

From: willcai@ibm.net (William Cai)

Hi, thanks for the reply.

Was your temperature normal within the three month period? Did you have low-grade fever (higher than 37C but not very high)? How was your sleep? Did you feel tired during sleep and would be waken up during the sleep?

So far, it's been almost two months for me.

Thanks again.

William Cai

From: spindj@mail.bcpl.lib.md.us

My 67 year old husband has been tired and had a fever May 30th. He had a high white blood count 17 so they tested for mono. They claimed he has it. Is the test for real? This weekend June 15th he has had 103 fever. My concern is if this whole think could be masking or imitating other diseases or ailments. We're talking about an athlete who has never been ill before. He's cranky too.Most literature talks about young people. I'm concerned he'll pick up germs from all these doctor visits in his weakened state. Any ideas or places I can get factual information? Thanks.

From: "Dwight J. Roberts" <djr0@indiana.net>

In 1991 I was diagnosed with mono. I was extremely active: work, college, family, church.

Ever since I tend to get run down quickly. In three or four days of long hours I will be wiped out for the next week or two.

I started taking multivitamins and did not feel much better. I ran out of mine and started taking my wife's. I felt better within days and have had no relapses while relegiously taking womens multivitamins. I have been taking them now for over 6 months.

Dwight J. Roberts
H: 317-344-9131
W: 317-387-0599

From: "drbjr@netins.net" <Don.Bell.Jr@cs.elte.hu>

Hey I had mono several years ago.  My whole body swelled up
and turned red.  The doctor had never seen this before.  He
said I needed to flush my system out.  For three days I drank
everything but alchol constantly.   I drank water milk juice pop
until I was sick to my stomach.  I went to the bathroom every ten
minutes.  The swelling slowly started to fade.  I kept drinking
and peeing.   Within a week the swelling was mostly gone and
I went back to work.  No problem.   Now when ever I feel sick
I flush my system out the same way.  I have not had anything
other than a cold since.

From: Akiva <is_real@netvision.net.il>

Another live one! What information do you want? Send mail
to Chana at Is_real@netvision.net.il. By the way, in
Israel, they do not recognize CFIDS, nor do they do
anything if you have EBV with temps and swollen glands,
etc.  Not even antibiotics-which I understand may be
harmful in this condition.  I work and go to school-l8 hour
days with this condition. My titers are very high. Last
blood test 6 months ago was positive EBV IgG-negative IgM.

From: YankeeRage@aol.com

Today I was diagnosed with Mono.

Around July 1st it began with a headache concentrated behind my eyes.
didn't think much of it and let it go for 3 or 4 days since it came and went.
 Then the left side of my throat began to swell and was quite painful. I also was experiencing dizziness, fever, night sweats and pain in my ears.  I saw my doctor.  She did not take a culture at that time but guessed that it was Strep and prescribed me amoxicillian (sp?).   Four days went by and my fever hadn't broken yet.  I contacted my doctor's office on Saturday in much pain,
that my throat was closing up.  Since my doctor wasn't in, they recommended I
wait until I see her on Monday.  The next day I couldn't stand it and
admitted myself to the emergency room at the hospital.  Said they couldn't
take a culture since I was on antibiotics but it was most likely Strep or
some kind of virus.  He prescribed my 3 days worth of a steroid.  I spoke to
a pharmacist friend of mine and she was disturbed that they had told me to
stop taking the antibiotic, to take the steriod, and see my doctor.  I did
see my doctor the next day, this past Monday.  She prescribed me Biaxin.
 What horse pills!  She took a culture then.  I still wasn't better
Wednesday.  They did blood work on me.  Told me not to bother taking the
antibiotic because it's not going to work, because I have Mono.  She said I'm
just going to have to wait it out.

Is there anything that can be done?   It's extremely painful to swallow, so
I've been spitting my saliva in a cup...all day... all night.  Where I guess
I should be exhausted, I'm not.  Tired, sure, from lack of sleep, but not
excessively.  Both my tonsils are swelled so much they're almost touching and
are covered in white puss.  Without any warning my ears will be in pain as if
you were sticking pins in the eardrums.  The doctor said they look fine.

Please.... is there anything I can do?  I can't lay on my back, else I can't


      in Oregon

From: Dan Spinner <johnboy@winthrop.slic.com>

hi.. i found your pages on the net from yahoo.com.  I have recently been
diagnosed with mono and was curious in finding out more about it.  And i
found your pages very usefull and full of good information.

my mono has been weird.  In May i had undiagnosed mono for about 2-3 weeks.
It involved swollen glands in my neck, sore throat, mild cough, pounding
headaches in my temples.  And it only caused me to stay home for one day.
My skin would be so sensitive to touch that anything touching it would hurt.
And i would have hot flashes frequently.  I was partially tired all the
time.  I went to my doctor finally after a week or more of putting up with
the swollen glands ( i have never had swollen glands before in my life)  and
he just gave me an antibiotic and that was it.

this month of july .. i have had similiar symptoms come back.  around the
24th i had swollen glands all of a sudden.  the next day they were bigger
and i started to get a sore throat.  the next day i went to a doctor who did
some tests on me and diagnosed me with mono.  this time my glands are really
sensitive and sore to the touch.. And more of them are swollen.  My neck and
back are very sore lately.  however.. i am starting to feel better after
having it bother me only for 1 weeks so far.

have you heard anything about it going into a sort of remission and then
coming back later on?  well.. i just wanted to say hi.. and thank you for
your pages..

----Dan Spinner

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From: LInfield@gnn.com (Lisa Infield)

  I have Mono.  I hate it.  My friends are afraid to come over and
don't call.  I can't eat and I am so tired but I am tired of
sleeping.  TV is stupid, I don't want to read anything. It is
terrible.  Tell me, for how long am I contagious.  How long before
I developed symptoms was I contagious.  Do you know?

From: keyimage@megalink.net

I had mono in 1989.  I had enlarged tonsils with patches, a fever, and fatique. I went
to the hospital emergency room.  They said "you have the flu.Go home. Take aspirin and
rest."  Three days later I went to another energency room at which I had to wait 8
hours...go figure.  I was diagnosed with mono.  They gave me lidocaine to paint on my
throat.  But that mad me throw up.  Still no better and now throwing up.  /My throat was
so closed up I whistled when I breathed.  I collapsed on the floor at my parents
house..and my mom called her doctro who prescribed antibiotics.  The antibiotics cleared
up the swelling, but then I broke out in a red lumpy rash. (developed from the
sun...they think.  The doc didn't tell me not to go out in the sun and their was no
instructions with the med. I was only out for 20 minutes.)

You would think my story would end there.  Ha, you're wrong.

I recovered from that bout, only to discover 4 months later I had
Autoimmune Thrombocytopenia.  Could have been caused bt Mono...Docs aren't sure.  So I
go through massive meds and a splenectomy.  This helped my platlets get to a safe level.
 But I still have the disease.

No my story is not over.

I have had re-occuring mono at least twice since.  Not as severe as the first, but mono
just the same.  There are time I feel as if I have mono and don't go to the docs.
Because the say the same thing. Rest.

My hematologists warns me that I may develop Lupus or other diseases due to all of the
viruses I pick up and the high doses meds that I have been on.

Basically mono stinks.  So load yourselves up with Vit. C.

The End.


From: connieroberts <croberts@chattanooga.net>

Two years ago I was mysteriously sick for 6 weeks before I had
produced enough eptein barr antibodies for a diagoniss. I
thought I had lymphatic cancer or worse. Two years later I
still get fevers, swollen glands, and fatique, but not so
often now.

I always thought "mono" was a minor illness, but I was flat on
my back for two months and it took a year to get back to
normal. My doctor said it was harder on us "old" folks (I was
38.) and I had a hard time slowing down and taking it easy,
thus proloning recovery.

My daughter caught it from me and got over it in a normal
amount of time, but seemed to have a damaged immune system for
that school year. We had it in the summer, then when she got
in school, she caught every bug that came down the pike.

My advice to anyone who gets it, take it seriously. It can
affect any organ in your body. Rest, Rest, Rest, and respect
your body.

From: NUZY80A@prodigy.com (MRS ELIZABETH J WILSON)

My son is 3.5 yrs. of age and his pediatrician diagnosed him today
(8/12/96) with "mono".  She ran a CBC which reflected abnormalities
in his atypical lymphocytes.

He started with a sore throat four days ago and has progressively
worsened since then.  Now he has inflammed tonsils, nasal congestion,
severe soar throat, enlarged spleen/liver, fever, and fatigue.

Do you have any suggestions of how I can comfort him?

His doctor did rule out strep, but she has restricted his activities
because of the enlargement of his spleen and liver.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you

E. Wilson

From: TweakyDave@aol.com

I was diagnosed with mono (and also strep throat) last Friday after three
days of an extremely sore throat.  Today is the following Thursday, and all
signs that I had any disease seem to be vanquished.  Is this possible --
having mono symptoms for just a week?  I don't even feel fatigue at the
moment, no fever, nothing seems to be wrong.  I've had COLDS worse than this.
 How common are false positives on mono tests?  I'm confused.

Kayser Strauss, Birmingham, AL

From: Rajiv Bhatia <beemanoo@giasbm01.vsnl.net.in>

one week ago our son had temp of 37.2 C. his temp over the week has been =
between 32.7 and 39.5 C. he has a cold, cough, congested throat, & =
conjunctivitis. a blood test done yeaterday shows a WBC count of 10,400, =
his mononucleocytes are 12%. the lymph glands in his neck are slightly =
swollen. he appears to have urticaria on and off. he is on antibiotics =
and paracetamol for his fever.

1) Is this indicative of a possibility of mononucleosois ?
2) What are the best remedies avaiable ?
3) What are the cautions we should take ?

Rajiv & Devayani Bhatia - Worried Parents
Bombay, India.

From: The Highland Lace Company <lace@ATCON.COM>

Hi there!

I currently have Mono and am hating it. I was a person with a lot of
energy and very athletic. I always be able to keep going-regardless. I was
pretty worn out after first year university.

My case started with severe abdominal pain, then a few days later my fever
of 104 for six days, a sore throat, NO energy and an ulcerated mouth. It
took over a week to discover what I had. I lost about 10 pounds.

How long does this take to get over? I am in week six and am trying to
slow down my lifestyle, but when I feel a bit of energy I go, go, go!
(then regret it the nest day!)

Thanks for your useful page.


From: Ted Read <read74@istar.ca>


 I got mono in the beginning of july (a week after school was
over) and I STILL have the symptons. It REALLY sux. I have my own


 and I've decided to include a little about mono. I want to start
an organisation called What About Mono? (WAM), and try and get more
doctors to try and find a cure. Infact, if you know of anybody that's
currently researching a cure, please let me know. I'm going to start
e-mailing associations asking them what they're doing about this whole

 Anyway, I'm 15, and this was supposed to be a great summer, with
alot of travel, unfortuantly I have to stay home (that's why I created
my webpage). Before this happened I was really into track and
tennis...track starts up again in october in I havn't trained at all,
and I am still unable to.

 I'm gonna quit feeling sorry for myself now, thanx in advance,