Some information on mononucleosis

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Mononucleosis is also called glandular fever or simply mono. It's caused by a virus, the Epstein-Barr Virus.
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My story

    It started like a bad cold. I had a sore throat, a little high temperature (37,5-38 C) and I lost sever of energy. My family doktor thought that I had a bad cold. After a week it started to be suspicious that my temperature was still high. When she examined me she noticed that my liver was bigger than usual. Finally another doctor found out that I had mononucleosis. A few days later some spots appeared on my chest and spread over my whole body. It was really frightful: my whole body went red and my legs violet (My doctor said it could've been be the result of the antibiotic I took). Now I'am healthy, but I had to relax for two months.


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